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Are there any costs involved in using imarket?

There is no charge for using imarket. The only costs you will incur are those relating to dialling up to the Internet, which obviously varies depending on the arrangement with your telecommunications provider.

What benefits will I get from using imarket?

Over time, insurers will provide services via imarket that will not be available elsewhere. These might typically include claims tracking, access to online accounts information, NCD proof etc. The services offered will vary by insurer and will not be available when imarket launches, but registering now will mean that you can take advantage of these services in the future.

Which Insurers are currently participating in imarket?

For the latest information regarding who uses imarket visit the Polaris website via the following link

Are there any hardware/software requirements that may limit my use of imarket?

To be able to access imarket you need a web browser and access to the internet. Cookies must be enabled (see the Privacy Statement for further information on how we use them).

We also use ActiveX in some parts of imarket, and if this isn't present on your PC the system will try to load it. If your system is set up to warn you before installing new software, a message will be displayed asking you whether you wish to do so. If you choose not to accept ActiveX installation you will still be able to use imarket but you may lose some functional content.

How do I register my organisation so that we can use imarket?

In order to access imarket products and services you will need to register your organisation. To initiate this process you should click on the "Register" tab. You will then be asked to provide information so that we can identify your firm and yourself.

imarket services are only available to intermediary organisations that have an existing agency with one of our partner insurers, and they must agree to you having access to their services prior to us confirming successful registration.

You should only register if:

Your principal knows that you are doing so
Your organisation is not already registered with imarket

Before you start you will need to have available your organisation''s agency number for each insurer that you wish to register with.

If you experience difficulties during registration you can contact us on 0207 265 5765 or send an email to

Why is there a delay between requesting registration and getting access?

When we receive your request we will check that (a) your organisation isn't already registered with us and (b) that your principal wants your organisation to have access. Once we have checked these we will let our sponsoring insurers know that you have requested access. As soon as one insurer advises us that they can provide services to you, the request from you will be accepted and we will send you a Welcome Pack containing a user id and password so that you can start using the system.

In what circumstances might access for my organisation be declined, and if this happens can I appeal?

Your request for access will be sent to all insurers that you provide details of during the registration process.

However we can only provide you with access to imarket if a participating insurer confirms to us that they can provide you with services, and if they cannot this may be for a number of reasons, e.g. you do not have agencies with them or they aren't currently offering any services that are suitable for your organisation.

Please note that an request for access to imarket is not a request to obtain an agency with an insurer, imarket insurer services are only available to intermediaries that already have an agency agreement in force. To enquire about an agency you should contact the insurer direct.

If an insurer cannot offer access they will contact you directly, and if you wish to appeal against a rejection you should contact the insurer(s) that declined you directly. If they subsequently agree to provide access they will contact us to let us know that the position has changed, and we will then reinstate your request and send you the Welcome Pack.

My organisation is registered but I don't currently have a password. How do I obtain one?

Every organisation that is set up on imarket will have an administrator. You should establish who your administrator is, and ask them to provide you with access to the system.

I have received my user id and password and am about to log on for the first time. Are there are any requirements that I need to be aware of?

To ensure that only you know your password, when your Administrator creates your id, you will be given a temporary password. The first time you use the system you will be asked to change the password to a new one of your choice. This must be at between 8-10 characters and contain at least one numeric and one alpha character. You must do this within 20 days of receiving the user id and password (if you do not the password will expire and you will have to contact your administrator to reset it for you).

I'm typing in my user id and password but the system is saying that my password is not valid. What should I do?

The password is case sensitive check your CAPS LOCK isn't on.

If you still get an error message it is likely that you have been "locked out" of the system (this occurs when you enter your user id or password incorrectly on three successive occasions, or if you haven't used the system for thirty days). If so, contact your Administrator and ask them to reset it for you

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